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Grid Gasket

Grid Gasket

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Grid gasket is used to quickly create a customized gasket configuration directly on the AirWeights vacuum table. 

Grid Gasket is a re-useable non-adhesive gasketing solution that fits into the AirWeights grid. Simply create a perimeter that sits inside the intended cut area, surrounding one or more vacuum ports. You can achieve any shape with the adaptable 1" grid layout, and you can create multiple independent vacuum zones for multiple parts.  When you are done, simply remove the gasket, and you have an open grid pattern to create a whole new arrangement for your next cut.

With this method, you do not want to cut below the bottom surface of your part, since the table is directly below the workpiece. Set your Z height to leave a thin “onion skin” of material that can be easily broken off later to free your part from the material itself. Onion skin recommended thickness: .050”

This gasket fits perfectly into the 1/4" AirWeights grid, and sits just above the grid surface to form a good seal against your part. The gasket material can be re-used indefinitely if you avoid cutting through the gasket itself.  

  • Available in 25 or 50' length
  • 1/8”thickness  x 1/4” width
  • No Adhesive
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Universal Mounting

Transform Your CNC Table

The AirWeights system is designed to mount to any CNC machine, and setup is quick and easy. You can remove the AirWeights at any time, and reinstall repeatably using the included locating pins.

Refine your workflow

Save Time & Money

The AirWeights system gains the user several efficiencies.

  • Saves time: You can secure multiple parts quickly
  • Cut down on material waste: No need to leave room on stock for screws or clamps.
  • Maximize table space: less clamps = more workspace
  • Repeatability: Refine your workflow and make your process more efficient
  • Reliability: Holding force is distributed evenly under your entire workpiece for a uniform and reliable hold

Using What's Already There

The Weight of Air

It might not seem like it, but air is heavy! The pressure of the atmosphere above us pushes down with a force of almost 15lbs per square inch.

All you have to do to unlock that weight, is create an area of low pressure below a mass, which AirWeights achieves in a compact, efficient, and affordable formfactor.

The 24x24 AirWeights table can unleash nearly 8,000lbs of holding power at the flip of a switch!

AirWeights Features:

  1. Touch Plate Locating Port
  2. Quick Disconnect Fittings
  3. Locating Pin Holes (4)
  4. Pre-installed Perimeter Gasket
  5. Mounting Holes and Slots (12)
  6. Vacuum Ports (9)
  7. 1" Grid Pattern (customizable gasket layout)

The AirWeights Story: