Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my order ship?

AirWeights products are produced in-house. Our current lead time is represented at the top of our website, and the top of each applicable product page.

How much holding power does the vacuum table provide?

When a vacuum is created under your workpiece, the atmosphere will push down with almost 15 pounds per square inch. Our 24”x24” table offers nearly 8,000lbs of holding power across the full surface area.

Is AirWeights compatible with my CNC?

The system is designed to attach to any CNC machine. The perimeter of the vacuum table is lined with 12 mounting points, and the kit includes installation hardware, as well as locating pins for an accurate and repeatable placement onto your machine. If you are interested in a different size table to accommodate your needs, please let us know. 

Can I connect multiple vacuum tables together?

Yes, AirWeights is a modular system allowing for multiple tables to be connected together. With vacuum connection ports on all 4 sides, you can set up the system in a multitude of configurations. Total vacuum table surface area larger than 24”x48” will require 2 vacuum pumps, or a larger vacuum pump (coming soon).

What materials can the AirWeights table hold down?

Any flat non-porous material can be held by the vacuum table. A porous material may be sealed using painter’s tape.

What is the Warranty?

AirWeights products include a 1 year warranty. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

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